How to Block Flash from Running on Sites in Google Chrome

how to block flash in Google Chrome

The steps in this article will show you a setting in the Google Chrome browser on your Windows computer that allows you to block the Adobe Flash Player from running on websites. Note that this may result in a poor browsing experience when viewing websites that rely heavily on Flash for their user experience. Step … Read more

How to Get Windows Media Center 2005 to Join a Domain

Changing a registry key will allow you to join a domain and cache credentials thus making MCE2K5 the same as XP SP2 Pro (Retail) w/ Media Center. The problem is this registry key cannot be changed from within Windows. One quick note: THIS WILL DISABLE FAST USER SWITCHING AND WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO USE … Read more

Max OS X Startup Key Sequences

I do not own a Mac (yet) but I do administrate some at work and have used this list a number of times. Macs dont have a bios per se but they do have keyboard shortcuts that can kick off various functions during boot. Ive used the T one to boot from an ipod once … Read more

How to View Saved Passwords in Firefox

click the show logins button

Good security practices on the Internet involve the creation of unique combinations of usernames and passwords. This allows you to isolate sites from one another in the event that a site is hacked and the hackers have your username and password combination.

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